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Envivio Envivio
Envivio is a leader in developing MPEG-4 streaming solutions due to the extensive engineering experience gained by the founders during 3 years of R&D on MPEG-4 at France Telecom.

Summit Envivio
Summit designs and develops semiconductors that manage the power functions in communication systems equipment that forms the backbone of the networking and Internet infrastructure. Utilizing its proprietary technology, Summit devices incorporate mixed-signal functions that can be programmed at the end of the manufacturing process or in-system by the OEM.

Bionnovation Capital Crossing
Bionnovation is an established international player in the market for dental implants. The company is poised for a position of market leadership because of its current product technology, its leading research and development team and ability to innovate in the biotech market.  

WooHoo ArrayComm
WooHoo is the first Extreme Sports TV channel in Latin America. Featuring a 24/7 programme of popular music, sport activities and news, the channel primarily targets youth and young adults. WooHoo is part of the Turner International platform (a TimeWarner Company), alongside such channels as Boomerang, TNT, CNN International and Cartoon Network. It is the first and only Turner channel to be produced entirely in Brazil.

CVD Vale vale
CVD-Vale has perfected adaptable odontological tools, such as drill tips, in CVD- Diamond to equip ultrasounds in the dental office. Unlike conventional tips where the metal matrix leaves residue, this new technology does not wear with use, provides for a pain free treatment and decreases patients’ recuperation time.

AirFiber AirFiber
AirFiber, Inc. (AirFiber), a privately held company, was founded in May of 1998 with the goal of providing an affordable, reliable means of extending high-bandwidth services to a high percentage of urban and industrial buildings not served by fiber. Today, the company supplies carriers around the world with innovative products based on wireless optical networking technology.

Assentive Assentive
Assentive enables organizations to securely leverage their intellectual property with partners throughout the lifecycle of the asset by providing complete security, authentication, rules-based access privileges, guaranteed delivery, and a complete audit trail of activity. Assentive provides easy, web-based exchange and management of intellectual property with value-added services like spontaneous and synchronized viewing of - and collaboration with - complex data

Energy Logics directs the exploration, financing and management of sustainable wind energy investments globally. Presently, they are developing 14 projects around the world. These ventures, in Alberta, Montana and the Philippines, will generate over 1600 Megawatts of environmentally friendly electric power.
Aquired by Naturener

Mediabolic mediabolic
Mediabolic is a leading provider of digital media player and server software solutions for connected entertainment products, enabling them to share and play back content from other consumer devices, PCs, and the Internet.

Mediabolic¹s technologies can be embedded in products like televisions, set-top boxes, and network-attached storage devices, allowing consumer electronics and PC manufacturers to extend and differentiate their products.

Using a standards-based, open architecture, Mediabolic¹s software has enabled our customers to ship award-winning solutions across diverse platforms to the consumer market.

Aquired by Macrovision (Nasdaq: MVSN)

Metrika Metrika
Metrika has opened the door to a new generation of patient care, where cost and complexity are no longer barriers to decentralized testing and monitoring. Providing unique products which allow for the remote management of chronic diseases and conditions, we facilitate the monitoring and tracking of critical patient testing parameters from any location, at any time.
Aquired by Bayer Group (NYSE: BAY)

ArrayComm ArrayComm
ArrayComm, Inc. is an innovative wireless technology company located in California's Silicon Valley. The company's patented IntelliCell® adaptive smart antenna (spatial processing) technology radically enhances wireless voice and data communication systems, and makes their operators more profitable. ArrayComm's core solution has been successfully embedded in several commercial wireless platforms in both fixed and mobile applications. IntelliCell is the backbone of ArrayComm's latest innovation, i-BURST™-the first truly portable, low-cost, ubiquitous, high-speed wireless Internet solution.
Aquired by Ygomi LLC


Spinnaker Ventures http://www.spinnakerventures.com/
Spinnaker Ventures is an expansion stage venture capital Fund based in San Francisco. Through our fund we invest in high quality emerging companies in the US, active in information technology, communications and business services. In addition to capital, we help our portfolio companies grow by leveraging on our network of contacts and international experience.

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