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Aurora Ventures general partners are seasoned veterans with deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience in building successful businesses. This experience includes decades of both line management within leading companies as well as new venture development.

Sound Business Position and Strategy
We seek fast-growing information technology and healthcare companies managed by entrepreneurs with demonstrated ability or potential to build, grow and manage rapidly growing ventures.

Quality Management
We are attracted to companies led by a balanced management team that shares a compelling technical vision and has real leadership skills.

Time Horizon
Though we generally have a three to five-year time horizon for realizing returns, we continuously monitor general market conditions and are flexible as to the timing of the sale of any of our interests.

We encourage substantial ownership by the company's founders, together with an employee stock option program to attract and reward key personnel.

Size of investment
Our initial investment is usually between $500,000 and $ 2 million. We also make seed investments of less than $500,000 to support a promising project until the company is ready for a full round of financing.

Stage of Investment
We will enter a relationship at any stage so long as the company is privately held.

Aurora Ventures not focused on a specific geography. We make selected investments in Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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